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Jewish Policy Center Launches New Website

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Contact: Matthew Brooks, 202-638-2411

Washington, D.C. – The Jewish Policy Center today announced the launch of its new website www.JewishPolicyCenter.org, which serves as the online platform for the JPC’s new quarterly publication, inFocus, as well as insightful scholarship and analyses from its staff, scholars, and Distinguished Fellows.

“I am extremely excited about today’s launch of our new and improved website. The site is going to be a must read for anyone interested in pressing foreign and domestic policy issues,” said JPC Executive Director Matt Brooks.

In addition to its new website, the Jewish Policy Center announced the launch of its new journal, inFocus.

“The first edition of inFocus, which will be printed quarterly, deals entirely with the challenges Iran poses to global security. With exclusive interviews and analyses from senior administration officials and top congressional leaders, as well as a fresh take from leading scholars and analysts, this first edition of inFocus is not to be missed,” said Brooks.

The print version of inFocus will arrive by mail to homes and offices around the country by early July. The next edition, due out in the fall, will address the current Palestinian crisis.

“Today marks an important day for the JPC,” said Richard Fox, chairman of the Jewish Policy Center. “Both the journal and website will give the JPC a greater ability to communicate important policy issues and enhance our voice in the critical debates facing our country.”

The Jewish Policy Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing analysis on foreign policy, economic and social issues. (www.JewishPolicyCenter.org)