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What Readers Can Do About BU’s Hezbollah Apologist

Jonathan Schanzer

Readers have expressed outrage over our recent dispatch detailing the way Boston University’s Augustus Richard Norton apologizes for Hezbollah terrorism. The consistent question has been: what can readers do?

We have two suggestions:

1. For BU grads and parents, contact ACTA, a nonprofit committed to academic freedom and accountability at America’s colleges and universities. For more click here.

2. Concerned readers can also contact BU’s top officials. See the full text of this entry for names and emails of BU’s decision makers.

Dr. Robert A. Brown, President – president@bu.edu
Dr. Nancy Baker, Assistant to the President – nbaker@bu.edu
Dr. David K. Campbell, Provost – dkcampbe@bu.edu
Mr. Alan Levanthal, Chair of Board of Trustees – aleventhal@beaconcapital.com
Dr. Erik Goldstein, Chair of the Int’l Relations Dept – goldstee@bu.edu
Dr. Virginia Sapiro, Dean of College of Arts & Sciences – casdean@bu.edu