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A Tale of Two Hezbollah Book Reviews

Jonathan Schanzer

Last week, I published this review of Hezbollah: A Short History, by Boston University professor and Hezbollah propagandist Augustus Richard Norton. My assessment of the book is that it is pro-terrorist dribble. The review enraged many readers, prompting them to ask how to best express their outrage to Boston University.

Pro-Hezbollah columnist Rami Khoury does not agree with my assessment. See his ridiculous review of the same book, heaping praise on Norton and Hezbollah. Special thanks to Jonathan Calt Harris of Standwithus.com in Michigan for bringing this book review to my attention.

Apparently, Hezbollah has either killed one of the soldiers it abducted last summer, or allowed him to die, according to recent reports. How can Khoury find this bloodthirsty organization worthy of praise?