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TNR Features Infuriating Piece on Hezbollah Museum

Jonathan Schanzer

I rarely, if ever, direct readers to the New Republic for anything other than prime examples of politicized drivel. The magazine continues to change its appearance and its politics to the point that nobody knows what it stands for.

This week, however, TNR features a well-written piece by Zvika Krieger, who visited Hezbollah’s “victory museum,” dedicated to last summer’s war with Israel. They call the museum “The Spider’s Web,” which is supposed to be a metaphor for a weak Israel.

Among the items on display, apart from destroyed Israeli hardware, is a tefilin bag taken from a dead Israeli soldier. This is outrageous and disgusting. Can you imagine the Salman Rushdie or Danish cartoon-type reaction if Israel or America put a Quran taken from a dead Muslim soldier on display?

TNR requires a password to read the article, which can be found here.