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Women Police in Gaza

Jonathan Schanzer

Middle East Online ran a piece today about a new cadre of 50 women police officers in Hamas-controlled Gaza who “interrogate suspected drug addicts, thieves and murderers in the volatile Gaza Strip.”

Two thoughts:

1. If these women are to investigate murder, the Hamas police has a lot of hiring to do… unless they only investigate the murder of other Palestinians. Apparently, murdering Israelis doesn’t count.

2. Despite claims that women are granted equality in Hamastan, this is one more step towards the Talibanization of Gaza. The policewomen wear black shrouds and a purple hijab. One woman says that “vice” is a crime she patrols for. How long before the Hamas policewomen crack down on female dissenters in Gaza the way Hamas’ male force has brutalized Fatah and secularists in recent months?