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Jihad al-Khazen: Diatribes of Drivel

Jonathan Schanzer

The Arabic daily al-Hayat regularly runs diatribes of drivel by columnist Jihad al-Khazen, an anti-Israel, anti-American, anti-Semite. Here’s his latest bit about how demonstrations against Darfur somehow obscure “massacres” against Palestinians.

“Efforts are made by pro-Israeli groups… to divert attention from the crimes Israel has perpetrated against the Palestinians by focusing on Darfur, which I say for the second and third time is a real tragedy and a catastrophe that must not be denied.”

“I claim that the American-Israeli evil cabal is focusing on Darfur to divert attention from Israel’s daily crimes perpetrated against the Palestinians. It also means to divert attention from American war crimes perpetrated against Iraq…”

And we wonder why the Arab world seethes…