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Anti-Semitic Jihad in the U.K.

Jonathan Schanzer

Why does the Arab world blame an insidious Jewish cabal for U.S. anti-terrorist or anti-autocratic policies in the Middle East? One reason may be columnist Jihad al-Khazen of the London-based al-Hayat Arabic newspaper .

“Efforts are made by pro-Israeli groups,” al-Khazen wrote on September 19, “to divert attention from the crimes Israel has perpetrated against the Palestinians by focusing on Darfur.” He believes that the “American-Israeli evil cabal is focusing on Darfur to divert attention from American war crimes perpetrated against Iraq.”

On 9/11 this year, al-Khazen had the audacity to write that, “Al-Qaeda and the [US] war cabal are two sides of the same coin.”

Read all about al-Khazen’s radical writings and what might be done about them according to the UK’s laws against religious hatred.