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GoDaddy Immediately Suspended Site

Jewish Policy Center

Upon first receiving a complaint about the site, islamic-block.net, GoDaddy.com took immediate action to research the site and quickly required the registrant to move away from GoDaddy.com.

GoDaddy supports the investigative work of the Jewish Policy Center, Ms. Ehrenfeld and Ms. Lappen, and the many others who seek to make it more difficult for terrorist groups to operate on the Internet.

GoDaddy.com has more than 24 million domain names under management. GoDaddy.com reserves the right to re-direct or suspend services for customers who violate its terms of service at anytime. GoDaddy.com also has a 24/7 Abuse Department. This team helps evaluate complaints about questionable content. With content potentially changing on millions of Web sites on a minute to minute basis, GoDaddy.com strongly encourages people to contact the Abuse Department if they identify content that may violate the company’s terms of service at Abuse@GoDaddy.com.

GoDaddy.com helps law enforcement when it can with investigations relevant to the fight against terrorism and has also been recognized as a company firmly planted on the front lines of this battle.

GoDaddy.com’s founder and CEO, Bob Parsons, is a decorated Marine and a patriotic American. For more on Parsons, click here.