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More Grisly News Out of Hamastan

Jonathan Schanzer

Palestinian police on Sunday morning discovered the corpse of a Christian citizen of Gaza in the Zaytoun neighbourhood of eastern Gaza City, according to the Maan News Agency.

Spokesperson of the de facto Palestinian interior ministry in Gaza Iyab Al-Ghussain said that the body of the owner of the Holy Bible Association, thirty-year-old Rami Ayyad, was found by police. Ayyad had been missing for a day after disappearing near an empty agricultural area in the Zaytoun neighbourhood. He had allegedly been receiving death threats from unknown sources and his association was torched a-month-and-a-half ago.

The Gaza Strip has become a hotbed for Islamist extremism since Hamas conquered the territory in June. For more on the wide-ranging challenges associated with “Hamastan,” check out the new inFocus Quarterly.