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Sponge Bob Square Pants of Arabia

Jonathan Schanzer

According to the London-based ash-Sharq al-Awsat, Dubai-based Arab Media Group (AMG) and MTV Networks International are set to launch Nickelodeon Arabia, an Arabic language channel dedicated exclusively to kids in the Middle East.

According to one MTV Networks International official, “Nickelodeon Arabia, will be a 24 hour, Arabic language, free to air channel. Programming will include a mix of international content from Nickelodeon’s global portfolio and original local Arabic productions.”

One must hope that Nickelodeon Arabia does not share the same programming as Hamas TV, which featured a Mickey Mouse character that tought Palestinian kids to hate and kill. Let’s also hope that this new channel steers clear of Hizbullah TV (al-Manar), which aired al-Manar as-Saghir (The Little Manar), shot in the style of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, targeting 3- 7 year-olds, but teaching a vitriolic hatred of Israel.