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Suspected Terror Financier: Saudi Textbooks Online Soon

Jonathan Schanzer

According to ash-Sharq al-Awsat today, Saudi Arabian Education Minister Dr. Abdullah al-Obeid, in an effort to rebuff claims of a “hidden agenda” in the Saudi educational curriculum, announced that all Saudi textbooks will soon be available for viewing on the ministry’s website.

To be clear, the Saudis do not have a “hidden agenda.” Theirs is an open agenda: to teach Wahhabism in mosques and schools worldwide. This has been documented at length.

Incidentally, al-Obeid has an agenda, too. The Wall Street Journal describes him as “an official enmeshed in a terror financing controversy.” Simon Henderson of the Washington Institute explains that al-Obeid is a former director of the Muslim World League, which is under suspicion by the U.S. government of having financial ties to al-Qaeda. Al-Obeid was head of MWL from 1995 to 2002, a period during which the charity spent tens of millions of dollars to finance the spread of Wahhabism.