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Intvu with Hamas Leader Said Siyam

Jonathan Schanzer

The London-based Arabic daily ash-Sharq al-Awsat interviewed Hamas strongman Said Siyam, who white-washes the terror group that now governs Gaza.

Siyam has the audacity to complain about the “arrest of hundreds of leading figures and personages in the West Bank who are being tortured in the West Bank,” while Hamas was singled out by Amnesty International and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights for gross violations.

Despite recent outbursts of violence against Hamas, Siyam claims that Palestinians are “rallying… around Hamas and around the government and its distinguished performance.”

The interview is an excellent example of Islamist propaganda. Indeed, Siyam desperately attempts to ignore the difficult realities that come along with ruling a population that grows increasingly restless by the day. Read the whole thing here.