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Letter From the Publisher: Islam in Europe

Islam in Europe

Matthew Brooks Winter 2007

Europe is in trouble. A growing Muslim population poses long-term demographic dangers while Islamic extremism threatens Europe with terrorism. Some states, such as France, have responded with hostility. Others, such as Spain, have cowered.

To analyze these and other challenges associated with Islam in Europe, the JPC again solicited the ideas of top analysts in the field for an exciting new issue of inFocus. Click here for the full table of contents.

Daniel Pipes looks at three scenarios for Europe’s future. Lorenzo Vidino addresses three distinct Islamist threats in Europe. Olivier Guitta uncovers one way European Islamists are cashing in. Mark Dubowitz exposes terrorist television in Europe. Paul Marshall notes how charges of “insults to Islam” suppress free speech in Europe.

We also analyze some of Britain’s policies. Simon Henderson looks at the U.K. footprint in Iraq, while Robert Ivker deconstructs the attempted British boycott of Israeli academics.

Jonathan Schanzer, our editor at inFocus, discusses the future of Europe in candid interviews with Jose Maria Aznar, the former prime minister of Spain, and John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the U.N.

A key question facing the international community is whether Turkey should join the E.U. Also, should the U.S. and Europe engage the Iranian opposition? Soner Cagaptay and Raymond Tanter, respectively, weigh in on these tough questions.

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Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year,

Matthew Brooks
Executive Director