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New UK Terror Arrest; New inFocus Quarterly

Jonathan Schanzer

A 38-year-old man appeared in a London court, charged with plotting a terror attack, the New York Times reports. Hassan Muhammed Sabri al-Tabbakh is accused of preparing instructions on bomb-making and stockpiling chemicals for the device. He was arrested last week and charged under Britain’s Terrorism Act. Tabbakh appeared at a hearing at the Westminster Magistrates Court in London. He will be detained until his next court date on Jan. 4. No one else is being sought in the plot, which the UK describes as a credible terror threat.

The arrest underscores the growing problem of radical Islam in Europe, which is the subject of the newest inFocus Quarterly, just released this week. Lorenzo Vidino wrote an excellent piece about the threat of Islamism in Europe, and former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar provides candid insights, too.

For a table of contents, click on the full text link below.

Matt Brooks – Letter from the Publisher: Islam in Europe

Daniel Pipes – Europe’s Future

Lorenzo Vidino – The Tripartite Threat of Radical Islam to Europe

Jose Maria Aznar – Spain’s Former Prime Minister on the Future of Europe

Soner Cagaptay – Sarkozy’s Policy on Turkey’s E.U. Accession: Bad for France?

Olivier Guitta – Cultural Weapons that Radicalize Europe’s Muslims

John Bolton – Transatlantic Gains and Strains

Mark Dubowitz – Terrorist TV in Eurabia

Robert Ivker – Aborted Israel Boycotts in the UK

Simon Henderson – The British Leave Basra – and Iraq

Raymond Tanter – Europe and the Iranian Opposition

Paul Marshall – Blasphemy, “Islamophobia,” and the Repression of Dissent