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Arab Editor Asks Key Mughniyeh Questions

Jonathan Schanzer

Tariq Alhomayed, the editor of Ash-Sharq al-Awsat asks key questions about the death of Hizbullah’s Imad Mughniyeh last week in Syria:

What was Mughniyeh, a dangerous man who was responsible for the deaths of Americans, Israelis as well as Arabs… doing in Syria? There is no doubt that he was behind the hijacking of the Kuwaiti Jabriya plane [1988] and the mastermind behind the assassination attempt on the late Kuwaiti Emir…. he arranged for Tehran to shelter Al Qaeda figures after the fall of Afghanistan. Mughniyeh was a wanted figure in approximately 42 countries…

...how did he find refuge in Damascus travelling between Syria and Iran? Moreover, how did he maintain contact with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal?The strange thing is that Hamas described him as a hero… He was a man who trained fighters in Iraq, the victims of which was Iraq itself and its people in a battle that inflamed sectarianism in that country.

The whole piece is worth a read.