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Letter From the Chairman

Richard J. Fox Spring 2008

Israel Turns 60

The story of Israel is nothing short of a miracle. In just 60 years, 750,000 Holocaust survivors and Jewish patriots declared independence, fended off the armies of five Arab countries, survived a string of other wars, and handcrafted a vibrant country.

Israel also has many challenges ahead, some of which are elucidated in this exciting issue of inFocus.

Bennet Zimmerman and Michael Wise defuse Israel’s demographic time bomb, and Robert Ivker notes how Arab Jews might influence the current negotiations with the Palestinians. JPC Visiting Scholar Richard Baehr explains how Israel does a world of good.

Cliff May and Joshua Goodman look at Israel’s media war, while Efraim Karsh debunks Israel’s academic detractors. Kenneth Marcus identifies the overlap between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, and Barak Seener looks at the challenge from Israel’s Arab population.

From the U.S. perspective, Jonathan Calt Harris discusses our Christian Zionist allies, Noah Silverman explores what it means to be “pro-Israel,” and Daniel Doron encourages smarter American charitable giving.

For our quarterly interview, Jonathan Schanzer, the editor at inFocus, discusses Israel’s past and future with Israeli ambassador Sallai Meridor.

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Please join the JPC in wishing Israel a happy birthday. It has been a remarkable 60 years.


Richard J. Fox
Jewish Policy Center