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URBN’s Palestinian Merchandise

Cory Missimore

As noted by LittleGreenFootballs, Urban Outfitters, a publicly-traded company, has sparked controversy by selling t-shirts depicting an armed Palestinian child (the shirt can no longer be viewed online). In 2007, the store prompted public ire by selling the keffiyeh, the checkered headscarf of Palestinian “resistance.”

In the Winter edition of inFOCUS, analyst Olivier Guitta noted that clothing with Islamist symbols in Europe was radicalizing European youth. The same might be said of these Urban Outfitters items in the U.S.

Terror-free investing has become increasingly popular. Much of the movement empowers states seeking to divest from companies that work with state sponsors of terrorism, notably Iran. To that end, some firms have terror-free mutual funds. But what of publicly-traded companies that unwittingly or even knowingly sell terrorist propaganda?