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inFOCUS: Advice to the Next POTUS

Matthew Brooks

The new inFOCUS is now online! Our theme this quarter: advice for the next president.

We felt that the threat of a nuclear Iran warranted more attention, so we ran with two articles – here and here. Also, be sure to read our interview with former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, and a hard-hitting piece about Iraq by Mona Charen, a panelist on the JPC’s national forums.

This timely issue of inFOCUS will be distributed at our forthcoming forums in Miami/Aventura (September 15), Las Vegas (September 21), Cleveland (October 12), and Detroit/Southfield (October 26). Hosted by Michael Medved, all 4 events are free to the public. To reserve seats, email us: info@jewishpolicycenter.org.