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Don’t Miss the Next JPC Forum on October 12!

Michael Sharnoff

Don’t miss the next JPC forum on October 12 at Park Synagogue in Cleveland. Radio host Michael Medved will moderate a spirited discussion with Middle East analyst Daniel Pipes, writer and activist David Horowitz, along with syndicated columnists Cliff May and Mona Charen.

The panel will address vital policy issues of our time. The subprime mortgage crisis has caused financial markets to plummet. Israel struggles for security amidst a sea of enemy states. Iranian leaders call for the annihilation of the Jewish state, and make no secret of their ambition to build a nuclear weapons program. At home, we face continued pressure to leave Iraq before victory is achieved.

RSVP by calling (866) 320-7493 or email info@jewishpolicycenter.org. Don’t miss this great event. RSVP today!