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Letter From the Publisher: Problems on Campus

Matthew Brooks Winter 2008

Academia has become a hotbed for activist professors who preach anti-American, anti-Western, and anti-Israel rhetoric. Students are taught that the myriad problems in the Middle East are the fault of Israel and the United States. Programs teaching these and other Leftist canards are often funded by Arab petrodollars, or even federal taxpayer funds.

The JPC has solicited experts to identify and provide solutions to this mounting challenge that threatens future generations of Americans, and impacts the issues and policies we all care about.

This issue features an article by JPC distinguished fellow David Horowitz, who offers a first-hand account of how campus elements with radical agendas intimidate students and encourage Islamist hate speech to flourish.

The JPC is proud to publish in this issue a candid interview with distinguished Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, which highlights the depth of anti-Israel sentiment on campus.

We are also proud to print a great piece on alumni activism by JPC supporter Robert Lewit, who writes on behalf of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni.

This journal showcases writing from a broad coalition of campus watchdogs and scholarly organizations that seek to reform our universities. They include: Campus Watch, the Association for the Study of Middle East and Africa, the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise, and others.

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Matthew Brooks
Executive Director