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Anti-Semites Use Israel Op to Justify Hate

Michael Sharnoff

As Israel surges deeper into Gaza to neutralize Hamas, anti-Semitism is sweeping across Europe. Arsonists set fire to synagogues in Toulouse, France, and Brussels, Belgium. Britain reported 29 anti-Semitic incidents last week, while protestors in Berlin displayed signs saying “Juden Raus,” or “kick out the Jews.” A Danish Arab shot and injured two Israelis in a shopping mall.

Anti-Semitism has also been reported across the United States. Blogger Ben Cohen documents California protestors equating Israel with Nazism. Activist Tom Trento videotaped Hamas supporters at an anti-Israel rally in Fort Lauderdale. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued an ominous advisory warning about potential threats against U.S. Jewish centers.

Kenneth Marcus noted in the Spring 2008 issue of inFOCUS that anti-Zionism has become the dominant form of anti-Semitism around the world. As Israel continues to defend its citizens from indiscriminate rocket attacks, more anti-Semitism can be expected.