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Syrian WMD in the News… Again

Michael Sharnoff

Janes Information Group, a global intelligence provider, has identified a chemical weapons facility known as al-Safir in northwest Syria. Al-Safir contains many of Syria’s long-range “Scud D” ballistic missiles, as well as hardened underground bunkers.

Syria’s repeated attempts to acquire WMD should come as no surprise. Israel destroyed a Syrian nuclear reactor in a daring raid in September 2007. And as Tony Badran posits in the fall 2008 issue of InFOCUS, Syria’s attempts to procure such weapons proves that it is not interested in leaving the Iranian axis for the West, as some analysts believe.

The JPC has documented Syria’s rogue behavior here, here, and here. But if you’re not convinced, stay tuned for the spring 2009 issue of inFOCUS, which will deal exclusively with challenges that Syria poses to Washington, Israel, and even its own citizens.