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New inFOCUS: Can Syria Change?

Matthew Brooks

The JPC is proud to unveil the latest issue of inFOCUS Quarterly, featuring a series of articles that lays bare the rogue policies of Syria’s past, present, and future.

Our lineup of contributors includes the best Syria specialists in the field. Featured writers include Professors Walid Phares, Raymond Tanter, and Eyal Zisser. This issue also features an exclusive interview with Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. We’re also pleased to have an article on the history of Syria-Soviet ties by our own research associate, Michael Sharnoff. Other writers include FDD Syria specialist Tony Badran, who explores the Syria-Iran alliance, AFPC fellow Matthew RJ Brodsky, who explains the failures of past Syria-Israel peace deals, and a hard-hitting analysis of Syria’s attempts to build a nuclear facility by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Joshua Goodman.

The journal makes clear the many challenges and concerns associated with the new administration’s attempts to reach out to a long-time U.S. foe, and a dangerous obstacle to peace in the Middle East.