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Iran Funds Sudan & Sudan Arms Hamas

Michael Sharnoff

Last week, an unidentified ship sunk an Iranian vessel off the Sudanese coast in the Red Sea that was reportedly carrying weapons to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. An Egyptian security source alleges Israel was responsible, but Jerusalem has not commented.

Sudan appears to be playing a growing role in the Iranian supply chain to Hamas. In January, Israel destroyed 17 Iranian-Sudanese convoy trucks with anti-armor missiles destined for Hamas in the Gaza Strip. This should come as no surprise; the State Department lists Sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism for its sponsorship of Hamas, among other terrorist groups.

Perhaps due to the uproar surrounding the Darfur genocide, Sudan is often overlooked as an Iranian pawn in the Middle East. Since 1989, after Islamists seized power in Sudan by way of coup, Tehran has provided Khartoum with weapons, oil, and military training. In exchange, Sudan has hosted training camps and conferences for Hamas and Hezbollah dating back to the 1990s.