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Mourning the Passing of Jack Kemp

Matthew Brooks

The Jewish Policy Center mourns the passing of Jack Kemp, an unwavering defender of liberty, a strong supporter of Israel, and a friend to the American Jewish community.

I personally got my start in politics working for him. He was an inspiration, a friend, and a mentor. As Bill Bennett writes, he was a “mover of mountains and people… He lived and breathed the idea of equality and few people had the ability to reach into and bring with them so many in the minority community.” Bill adds that it was “nothing short of a true honor to have been able to work with and know this giant of the 20th and 21st Centuries.” I, too, feel honored to have worked with this great man.

Just last year, Jack contributed an article to inFOCUS Quarterly titled, “Defending America From Stagflation.” In rereading his important piece, I am struck by two things. He was dear friend and supporter of the Jewish Policy Center to the end. More importantly, he believed in a strong America, and continued to tackle America’s toughest challenges, even as he struggled with his own.