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Time Running Out On Iran Deterrence?

Michael Sharnoff

Despite the fact the U.S. possess the second largest arsenal of nuclear weapons (at least 10,000 nuclear warheads) and is the only nation to have ever used the atomic bomb, it has failed to dissuade Tehran from seeking nuclear weapons.
According to former CIA Middle East intelligence officer Robert Baer, Iran has now formulated its own deterrence doctrine, which rejects complying with the U.N. on its nuclear program, proposes fighting wars against the U.S. and Israel, and believes Iran’s massive size and population can sustain U.S. reprisal attacks.  Tehran even claims to be equipped to fight a lengthy war.
Tehran’s aggression and unwillingness to desist poses serious challenges for the U.S. and Israel, who may need to make excruciating decisions about a pre-emptive attack in the months ahead. Military historian Richard B. Frank recently wrote about President Harry Truman’s decision to use the atom bomb against Japan to prevent further conflict. Read the article here.