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Jihad Against US Jews

Howard Gumnitzky

On Wednesday, four ex-convicts, three of whom are Muslim-American, attempted to bomb two New York synagogues. The men subsequently appeared in federal court, and stated their motive was jihad against America and Jews.

Their scheme was not an isolated incident. Indeed, authorities have discoved plots the world over. In February, terrorists bombed a Jewish community center in Caracas, Venezuela. Last November, Jihadists killed 179 civilians, including 6 Americans and 8 Jews, and injured hundreds more, in Mumbai, India. During the 1990’s, operatives from the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah based in Argentina attacked the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and bombed a Jewish center, killing 85.

Jews have long been a favorite target for the Jihadist global terror campaign. As Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes notes, Islamist terror against Jews in the U.S. dates back to 1977. The complete list of attacks can be viewed here.