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Letter From the Publisher: Weathering the Recession

Matthew Brooks Summer 2009
SOURCEinFocus Quarterly

The current economic crisis has been the most severe this country has seen in generations. Our economy has started to stabilize, but still faces many challenges. In mid-May, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner cited thawing credit markets as one reason for optimism, but warned that it will be a tough climb back after the economy “fell off the cliff” last fall.

While we welcome the optimism, there is still cause for concern. Recent government initiatives could do more harm than good. Outsized federal spending could saddle our children and grandchildren with mountains of debt. Wrong steps in healthcare could leave our country with a crippled system. Added taxes that “soak the rich” could impede future economic growth. And, of course, inflation looms.

This new issue of inFOCUS features a series of articles on the economy by some of the best minds in the field. We’re particularly pleased to run original analyses by two senior economists, Lacy Hunt and William Houston. We’re further honored to publish a piece penned by Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire.

Also, don’t miss the interview with Steve Forbes, the highly-respected publisher of Forbes and former presidential candidate, covering a wide range of important subjects.

Undoubtedly, these have been tough economic times. With the release of this issue, the JPC is asking policy makers to avoid exacerbating the problem. Please join us by making your donation to the JPC today at jewishpolicycenter.org/contribute.php.


Matthew Brooks
Executive Director