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Hamas Interference Threatens Iranian Reform

Howard Gumnitzky

Unrest continued for a fourth straight day across Iran, as people flocked to the streets to protest Sunday’s disputed election results. Security forces arrested pro-reform newspaper editors and stormed university dorms, while government prosecutors threatened demonstrators with the death penalty. Despite such risks, the rallies carry on.

While the Obama Administration maintains that the election controversy is an internal Iranian matter, Hamas is helping the mullahs quell protesting. Witnesses have spotted Hamas members beating Iranians in the streets. And, on Sunday, Gaza spokesman Fawzi Barhum lauded incumbent Ahmadinejad’s “victory.”

Mideast scholar Meyrav Wurmser notes that Tehran has long provided Hamas with arms and funding, exporting its revolution to Gaza and the West Bank. In a surprising turn of events, the Islamic Regime now has imported its Hamas “weapon” to quash domestic opposition.