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Following J Street’s Money Trail

Howard Gumnitzky

J Street, the self-proclaimed “political arm of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement” that seeks to dethrone AIPAC, receives tens of thousands of dollars from individuals connected to Iranian and Palestinian-issue advocacy, the Jerusalem Post reports.

The revelation has created a problem of optics for J Street, which has already adopted policies that ignore Israel’s security needs. For example, it advocates direct Israeli negotiations with the Hamas terrorist organization. This position is opposed not only by the US and Israei, but also by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. J Street also opposed Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s Gaza incursion in 2008 to end Qassam rocket attacks.

J Street also challenges Washington’s policy of sanctions to dissuade Iran from developing nuclear weapons. The donations now raise disturbing questions about J Street’s motivations and its commitment to Israeli security.