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U.S. Iran Policy Still Unclear

Howard Gumnitzky

On Wednesday, six countries met in Germany to address concerns about Iran’s nuclear program. The Germany meeting coincides with comments from Mohammed ElBaradei, the IAEA’s nuclear watchdog chief, that Iran’s atomic threat is exaggerated.

The Barack Obama Administration has yet to demonstrate a clear policy on this issue. When still a candidate for president, Mr. Obama sought to hold unconditional talks with Iran’s leaders, and criticized candidate Hillary Clinton’s assertion that the U.S. would “obliterate” Iran were it to strike America’s allies. Clinton, now Secretary of State, has since reaffirmed that Obama seeks talks with Tehran but added that she does not believe that Tehran will negotiate.

While the British government demonstrated a lapse in judgment over the release of the Pan Am 103 bomber, it has shown true leadership on the Iran question. With or without US support, London continues to push for harsh sanctions if Tehran does not cease its nuclear drive.