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Saudi Prince: US Must Submit to Oil Addiction

Jonathan Schanzer

The U.S. has no alternative to oil for its massive energy needs and should submit to this dependence, Saudi Arabia’s Prince Turki al-Faisal wrote in an Italian newspaper on Friday. “…the destinies of the United States and Saudi Arabia are linked and will remain (linked) for decades,” he said.

The dangers of remaining addicted to Saudi oil are manifold. As former CIA director Jim Woolsey notes, we are beholden to al-Faisal’s corrupt family, who can threaten to cut off supply. Buying oil from the Saudis also assists their efforts to finance terror and infiltrate Wall Street. In short, Americans must continue to search for a way to prove al-Faisal wrong.

As Gal Luft notes, “greens” want to get off oil for environmental reasons. And though these reasons may not appeal to national security hawks, hawks must find ways to cooperate with others to ultimately acheive the objective of dumping Saudi fossil fuels.