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Missiles Strike Northern Israel

Howard Gumnitzky

Two Katyusha rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel on Friday, landing in an open field near the northern town of Nahariya.  A small terror group known as Global Jihad likely was behind the attack, Israeli military sources announced.

While Hizbullah was the primary suspect, the Iran-sponsored Shiite organization has actually maintained a policy of restraint since its 2006 war with Israel. In January, Hizbollah emphatically denied responsibility when missiles were fired into Israel from Lebanon amidst the Gaza war between Israel and Hamas. In late February, a Hizbullah spokesman again rushed to clarify that the group was not involved in the firing of another missile volley from Lebanon into northern Israel.

Hizbollah¹s disavowal of Friday’s attack is an indication that the group may have lost its taste for direct conflict with the Israel Defense Forces. This would challenge the conventional wisdom that Hizbollah defeated Israel in the 2006 war, and even suggests that Israel has once again achieved deterrence.