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The JPC Mourns The Loss of Irving Kristol

Matthew Brooks

The Jewish Policy Center mourns the loss of distinguished fellow Irving Kristol, who passed away on Friday, September 18 at the age of 89.

A self-described former communist, Irving Kristol was widely considered to be the father of American neoconservatism. He was the managing editor of Commentary magazine from 1947 to 1952 and went on to become an inspirational professor at New York University’s Graduate School of Business. Over the years, he provided sage advice to scores of senior government officials and helped shaped the opinions of the broader American public. In recognition of his exceptional career, President George W. Bush awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in July 2002.

For more on Irving Kristol’s incredible intellectual journey, I encourage readers to read a wonderful piece by author Amity Shlaes. Readers may also want to read Neo-Conservatism: The Autobiography of an Idea, a book Kristol published in 1999 about his remarkable political transformation.

Irving Kristol had a profound impact on the public debate, and touched countless lives. On a personal level, I had the pleasure of knowing him over the years. He was a good friend who helped shape my thinking about politics and policy. He will be greatly missed.