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Qadhafi: Obama For President… Forever

Howard Gumnitzky

Libyan President Muammar al-Qadhafi showered U.S. President Barack Obama with unexpected praise Wednesday, telling the United Nations that he hoped Obama “can stay forever as the president .” Given the Libyan leader’s history, this is not a compliment. Indeed, Qadhafi has been president of Libya since launching a coup in 1969, and has been linked to terrorism worldwide, including the 1986 bombing of a German nightclub packed with U.S. soldiers.

Other dangerous Middle East figures back Obama, too. After the president’s June address in Cairo, a Hamas spokesman happily noted that the speech was “different from the languages of former U.S. presidents.”  Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has also complimented Obama, calling his election, “a positive sign” that U.S. foreign policy was changing.”

Since taking office, Obama has distanced himself from Israel, stating that Jerusalem’s leaders needed to “to engage in serious self-reflection.”  Moreover, he has failed to adopt a firm stance on the jihadist threat in Iraq and Afghanistan. This u-turn in U.S. foreign policy seems to resonate among the enemies of Israel and America.