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Barak Gets Goldstoned in the UK

Howard Gumnitzky

In what appears to be the product of the controversial United Nations Goldstone Report, a British court Tuesday considered a petition urging the arrest of Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak for “war crimes” during Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip last January.

The Goldstone Report drew widespread condemnation, in part because it gave scant attention to Hamas’ eight-year-policy of bombarding Israel’s south with rockets. Professor Uriel Reichman slammed the Goldstone commission report as a, “one-sided inciting document which supports the Jewish state’s de-legitimization campaign.” 
The de-legitimization of Israel is long underway in Europe.  A Spanish judge earlier this year attempted to launch “war crimes” investigations against former cabinet member Benyamin Ben-Eliezar. The International Criminal Court, based in the Netherlands, is also now weighing a decision over whether to try an Israeli reservist who participated in Cast Lead.