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Uptick in Homegrown Terror

Samara Greenberg

This week, authorities charged Tarek Mehanna of Massachusetts with conspiring to carry out jihadist attacks in the United States (a shopping mall) and abroad (Iraq).

Mehanna is the latest in a string of arrests, attesting to the continued jihadist threat in America. Last month, authorities charged Najibullah Zazi, an Afghan-man living legally in the U.S., with planning a bomb attack inside the country. New York authorities also arrested Betim Kaziu of Brooklyn in September for conspiracy to support terrorists and commit murder abroad. To read about these and other arrests, click here.

According to the Washington Post, more and more Westerners are attending paramilitary training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan. As Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Laura Grossman note, in recent years, over 200 Westerners have participated in or supported Islamic terrorist plots.