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Hezbollah Rearming

Samara Greenberg

Over the weekend, the London-based Observer reported that Hezbollah is “rapidly rearming” in preparation for a conflict with Israel. According to the article, Hezbollah is “busy reinforcing fixed defense positions north of the Litani river.”

Speaking to the Observer under anonymity, a Hezbollah commander did not deny the report: “Sure, we are rearming…we have far more rockets and missiles than we did in 2006.” This news comes less than one week after Israel seized a ship carrying 500 tons of arms purportedly on its way from Iran to Hezbollah.

UN Resolution 1701, adopted after the 2006 Lebanon War, calls for “the disarmament of all armed groups in Lebanon.” Unfortunately, 1701 failed to adequately deal with Hezbollah. According to Jonathan Spyer, Hezbollah administers a “parallel state” in Lebanon whose “structures are off limits to the government.”