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Jewish Policy Center Names New Policy Director

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Contact: Matthew Brooks
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Washington, DC – Matthew RJ Brodsky, a former Legacy Heritage Fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council, has been named Director of Policy at the Jewish Policy Center. He will be responsible for exploring foreign and domestic policy issues that impact the American Jewish community and the broader American public.
“Brodsky possesses a lot of experience in the think tank world. He is a top-notch analyst and creative leader with an entrepreneurial spirit,” said RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks. “We are thrilled to have someone with his skills and accomplishments at the Jewish Policy Center.”
RJ was recently a Senior Geopolitical Analyst for IntelliWhiz LLC. While working at the American Foreign Policy Council, he briefed members of Congress, the Department of State, the Department of Defense, Special Operations Command, and the National Security Council. He also organized and participated in a fact-finding trip along Israel’s border with Syria and Lebanon in 2008. A former member of the Global Diplomacy Initiative in Israel and Editorial Assistant for Haaretz, he met with Israeli and Palestinian diplomatic and academic leaders from across the political spectrum and toured political flash points in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza from 2004 – 2008.

Mr. Brodsky holds a masters degree in Middle East History from Tel Aviv University where he graduated with magna cum laude honors. A native of Minneapolis, RJ has published widely in premiere newspapers and foreign policy journals and has been interviewed as a Middle East subject expert in newspapers internationally.

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