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Letter from the Publisher: Securing America’s Future

Matthew Brooks Fall 2010

As the 112th United States Congress is set to convene, many questions remain regarding the current path the country is on. The economy remains sluggish and unemployment remains high, as federal spending continues to increase. Overseas, diplomatic engagement has failed to curb Iran’s nuclear program and the Palestinian-Israeli peace process appears stalled since the Palestinians walked away from the table nearly three months ago. New ideas and a new direction are badly needed.

The Jewish Policy Center is pleased to offer this fall edition of inFOCUS Quarterly. This new issue features a series of articles on how to secure America’s future. Diana Furchtgott-Roth from the Hudson Institute looks at the lessons on job creation for the 112th Congress, while Gal Luft of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security explains how America can be energy independent. Jonathan Tobin, the executive editor of COMMENTARY magazine describes how nuclear non-proliferation and the threat from Iran may be the most important issue facing the country, while David Horowitz looks at the dangers ahead posed by indoctrination—rather than education—taking place at college campuses.

Don’t miss our one-on-one interview with Indiana Congressman Mike Pence. He discusses the role of the federal government and lays out his vision of the main priorities for the new Congress.

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Matthew Brooks
Executive Director