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Letter from the Publisher

Matthew Brooks Winter 2010

The recent upheaval in the Middle East represents perhaps the most significant challenge to the regional status quo since the 1979 Iranian revolution. The consequences of either American action or inaction will likely reverberate for decades to come. Yet the issues facing the U.S. are not confined to the Middle East alone. Russia, China, and South America each represent their own unique dilemmas for policymakers.

The Jewish Policy Center is pleased to offer this edition of inFOCUS Quarterly. This new issue features a series of articles on America’s challenges abroad. James Robbins of the American Security Council Foundation begins with a framework for viewing American interests in a changing world, while Stephen Blank of the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College describes the central divergences between Washington and Moscow. Soner Cagaptay and Scott Carpenter of The Washington Institute for Near East Studies look at how to regenerate U.S.-Turkish relations since Ankara’s recent controversial foreign policy trajectory. Clare Lopez from the Center for Security Policy examines Iranian foreign policy, while Joshua B. Goodman, who spent the first week in Cairo’s Tahrir Square during the initial stages of the protests, provides an appraisal of the likelihood that a Muslim Brotherhood led government will emerge in Egypt.

Be sure to read our one-on-one interview with former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Douglas Feith. He gives his views on the rapidly evolving events in the Middle East and discusses how the U.S. is faring with our challenges abroad.

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Matthew Brooks
Executive Director