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Stars of David Discoveries

Samara Greenberg

More than three decades after Israeli-Iranian relations ground to a halt, Israeli and Jewish symbols are seemingly popping up on the rooftops of Iranian buildings.

Last weekend, a Google Earth user discovered a large Star of David sitting atop the building that houses the national airline of the Islamic Republic, Iran Air. According to Iranian reports, the building was constructed by Israeli engineers during the days of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi when Iran’s relations with Israel were strong and flights between Tehran and Tel Aviv were regularly scheduled.

Iran Air headquarters

And again, last August, a Star of David was spotted on one of the buildings in Tehran’s Revolution Square. According to the Saudi publication Al-Arabiya, the square itself also had hundreds of Stars of David, prompting Iranian media to call it “a symbol of evil standing in the center of [the] strategic heart” of the Islamic Republic’s capital.

Though humorous, the Stars of David discoveries remind the world that today’s sworn enemies were once close friends. Perhaps one day they will be again.