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Pro-Palestinians Invoke Holocaust’s ‘Never Again’

Samara Greenberg

A 13-city, pro-Palestinian speaking tour titled “Never Again For Anyone” is well underway this month, comparing Israel’s relations with the Palestinians to the Nazis’ treatment of Jews during the Holocaust in every city it enters.

The tour, sponsored by American Muslims for Palestine, the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, and the Middle East Children’s Alliance, is meant “to honor those who perished in the Holocaust by advocating for the human rights inherent to all people – and particularly for Palestinians living under Israel’s occupation,” according to a video released by the tour.

An ad for the ‘Never Again’ tour compares the Jews’ situation in the Holocaust to the Palestinians’ situation.

But rather than take the opportunity to hold a constructive discussion on human rights abuses throughout the world in places such as Iran, China, North Korea, Sudan, Libya, and the Gaza Strip, the tour mainly focuses on blaming Israel for the Palestinian people’s problems and their statelessness. Never mind the role Palestinian leaders have played throughout their history.

The ‘Never Again For Anyone’ tour is nothing more than the politicization of the Holocaust and its survivors’ message of never again. As Anti-Defamation League National Director and Holocaust survivor Abraham Foxman said in a press release, the campaign has “misappropriated the message of ‘Never Again,’ a reference to a genocide of an entire people, in a blatant attempt to exploit the memory of the Holocaust as a tool to demonize Israel.”