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Bin Laden Compound Shaped like Israel

Samara Greenberg

As with other historic events, Osama bin Laden’s death last Sunday night sparked countless conspiracy theories ranging from the idea that he is still alive to the belief that he died years ago. While all are just that – theories, the French website JSSNews uncovered an interesting factoid about the terrorist’s Abbottabad compound, where he was reportedly holed-up for the last five years.

As the French news source highlighted, bin Laden’s hideout is shaped strikingly similar to the map of the Israel. While the main house where bin Laden was killed is located where Jerusalem can be found on a map, the compound’s gate parallels the location of Tel Aviv, its dumping ground matches the location of Tiberias, and another building matches the location of Haifa.

Was this an accident? Perhaps, but one must admit that the compound’s resemblance to Israel’s map is uncanny. It is reminiscent of the story this blog covered a few months back, in which a Star of David was spotted on one of the buildings in Iran’s Revolution Square. According to the Saudi publication Al-Arabiya, the square itself also had hundreds of Stars of David. Maybe, subconsciously, these Israel-haters and anti-Semites find the small country and its beat-all-odds survival story inspiring? Maybe.

Bin Laden’s compound next to the map of Israel.