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Letter from the Publisher

American Policy at a Crossroads

Matthew Brooks Fall 2012

Four years into Barack Obama’s presidency have seen his domestic and foreign policy agenda put to the test. The staggering results are in. Domestically, the economy is hardly improving with jobless numbers hovering around 8 percent since February 2009. Overseas, the United States faces a ticking time bomb in Iran, a resurgent Russia and increasingly provocative China, political Islam on the rise in the Middle East, and an Israel that is losing faith in America’s support. The policy challenges facing our nation are great.

The Jewish Policy Center is pleased to offer this fall edition of inFOCUS Quarterly that addresses these critical issues facing America. Inside, Alex Brill of the American Enterprise Institute lays out the path for putting our fiscal house in order, while Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) explores an approach to health care reform that empowers patients. James S. Robbins, senior editorial writer for foreign affairs at The Washington Times, explains how Obama’s foreign policies have caused greater global instability, while Jonathan Tobin, senior online editor of COMMENTARY magazine, describes the U.S.-Israeli alliance in crisis.

Be sure to read our one-on-one interview with Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT). He discusses U.S. efforts to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, the practical effects of the White House’s ban of language such as “violent Islamist extremism,” and much more.

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Matthew Brooks
Executive Director