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Letter from the Publisher

Matthew Brooks Spring 2013

At a time when the fragile gains for civil liberties in the Middle East appear to be unraveling and Israel remains under political attack and looming physical threat, there is a tendency to take a magnifying glass to the immediate crisis.

But Israel is not the sum of the 24-hour news cycle. Twenty-first Century Israel is a triumph of human spirit and intellect under pressure. Like every country, it grapples with economic, social and moral issues and some political pushing and shoving as well. Yet unlike many other countries, Israel’s vibrant democracy gives voice to its citizens, and its government listens.

The Jewish Policy Center is pleased to offer this spring edition of inFOCUS Quarterly as an antidote to tunnel vision. Israel is focused on its future and we are too. Major natural gas finds will make Israel an energy exporter, and David Wurmser of Delphi Global Analysis Group addresses the impact on Israel’s relations with Europe, Asia, and Russia. Avi Mayer, Director of New Media at The Jewish Agency, describes Israel’s contributions to international health and welfare, and Ambassador Yoram Ettinger discusses the impact of Israel’s strong economy and technology revolution. And, because security remains on the table Yossi Kuperwasser, Director General of the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, looks at Israel’s strategic challenges.

Don’t miss our one-on-one interview with Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren. He discusses the U.S.-Israel relationship, how Israel’s security calculus has changed since the two years of Middle East upheaval, and he explains what is necessary to forge ahead in peace process.

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Matthew Brooks
Executive Director