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The JPC Launches Frontline Defense and Alliance Tracker


For Immediate Release

Washington, D.C. – The Jewish Policy Center is pleased to announce the June 17th launch of two new biweekly publications: Frontline Defense and Alliance Tracker. By replacing GazaWatch, these two digests will provide timely and valuable information and perspectives about important security developments in the Middle East.

Frontline Defense

Published the first and third Tuesday of every month, Frontline Defense tracks security developments along Israel’s borders. The ongoing tumult in the Arab world has revolutionized Israel’s immediate security environment, transforming once-quiet borders into sources of conflict. In order to inform readers about the complex security challenges Israel faces on a daily basis, Frontline Defense offers comprehensive coverage of security developments in Gaza, Sinai, the West Bank, Golan, southern Lebanon, and, increasingly, Israel’s maritime frontiers.

Alliance Tracker

Published the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, Alliance Tracker tracks important developments in and affecting the U.S.-Israel strategic relationship. From arms sales to joint training exercises to missile defense cooperation, Alliance Tracker offers comprehensive coverage of the deep, high-level, and multi-faceted nature of U.S.-Israel security cooperation and American involvement with other regional allies.

Sign up here for the Frontline Defense and Alliance Tracker emails. (If you receive GazaWatch, you will be automatically subscribed and do not need to sign up again.) For real-time information, be sure to follow @AllianceTracker and @DefenseJPC on Twitter.

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Shoshana Bryen, Senior Director

Gabriel Scheinmann, Director of Policy

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