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Rallies in Washington, Tel Aviv Mix Pro-Israel & Pro-Kurdish Messages

TheTower.org Staff

The Algemeiner reported Tuesday that a group of Kurdish supporters joined a pro-Israel demonstration in front of the White House last week not just to support Israel but to call for Kurdish independence. A video of the incident is embedded below.

According to The Algemeiner.

The protesters chanted “No Hamas, no war,” “Down, down Hamas,” “Long live Israel” and “Long live Kurdistan.” Some of the Israel supporters waved the flag of Kurdistan while others carried Israeli and American flags.

“U.S.A., Kurdistan, Israel: true allies,” they also shouted. “We support Kurdistan. We support Israel. Our true friends.”

Yesterday a group described as “several dozen” Kurdish and Israel Jews held protest against Yazidi genocide and for Kurdish independence in front of the American embassy in Tel Aviv.

In The Minority Strategy: A New Path for American Interests in the Middle East that was published in the July 2014 of The Tower magazine, Gabriel Scheinmann argues that the United States could benefit from allying itself with the non-Sunni-Arab minorities in the Middle East, “Desperately seeking to survive in a literally cutthroat region, non-Sunni-Arabs, with some superpower cover, might break the Arab isolation of Israel and forge a more durable pro-American alliance.”