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Letter from the Publisher

Matthew Brooks Winter 2015

Elections are chocolate mousse on the sideboard or Bordeaux in the glass. Perfect potential. Governance, on the other hand, is the hard management of the public’s expectations within the constraints of law, budget, and the social compact — fraught with peril. As Republicans gear up to control both Houses of Congress, how they mix expectations and constraints will determine the tone and tempo of the country for at least two years. Their 
choices are the subject of the Winter 2015 issue of inFOCUS Magazine.

Roger Pilon reminds
 us of what our Federal 
system of government
 entails, both as a source
of power for the states and as a way to control Washington. Gene Gurevich, Richard Foltin, and Mona Charen imbue long-standing issues — energy, religious liberty, and women as citizens not victims — with new relevance and positive momentum. Maury Litwack casts school choice as a Jewish issue. William Eggers, Laura Baker, and Audrey Vaughn apply the theory of “disruptive innovation” to government to imagine citizens as a market the government needs to capture. Paul Howard and Yevgeniy Feyman bring us clear, affordable, and helpful fixes for Obamacare while Rachel Brand addresses our nagging worry that in the age of social media, personal privacy and national security will continue to clash. They will.

Don’t miss our interview with Tevi Troy, president of the American Health Policy Institute as well as Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services and a senior White House aide in the George W. Bush administration, as he takes us on a trip through potential domestic policy progress and pitfalls.

Aaron David Miller’s book, The End of Greatness, is reviewed just in time for some end-of-the-year relaxation. 
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Matthew Brooks, Executive Director