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Israel: The Vegetarian Holy Land

Susan Shain Spring 2016

Israel is a well-known country. For its size, it takes up a lot of news space. Whatever your political opinions may be, most agree that the people are beautiful, that there are a freaky number of Israeli Nobel Prize laureates, and blah blah… what nobody talks about is the FOOD.

Food 2

Being that food is one of my favorite subjects, however, I am here to rectify that. And share foodgasmic photos of it. And tell you, food lovers — especially vegetarians — get your butts to Israel. You can thank me later.

Food 5Why is the food so good in Israel?

Well, despite the fact that less than 4% of its workers are in agriculture and that only 20% of its land is arable, Israel produces 95% of its own food. That’s cray-cray.

That also means that the food is insanely FRESH.

Food 3

In addition to the freshness factor, another key component to Israeli food is its many influences. Israeli cuisine combines Middle Eastern roots with the varied flavors of the Jewish diaspora.

MJ Food 003
MJ Food 007


This creamy chickpea dressing is available at every meal – to accompany pitas, salads… or your finger. I thought I liked hummus before going to Israel. Now, I realize that what I felt before about hummus was just a silly schoolgirl crush, whereas now it is a raging, very adult and very explicit, love affair.

Food 8

I have heard of India as being a great country for vegetarians, and I’d like to add Israel to the list.

Food 1

Israel is one of the best countries for vegetarians, with fresh food and an ample selection of tasty dishes. For anybody looking for some veggie haute cuisine, what are you waiting for?

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